Friday, 3 May 2013

A poem . . . Plastic Girl

Plastic girl

Unworldly, young, and of no place,
She had a heart but not a face,
She viewed the world through wondrous eyes
But all she saw were clear blue skies.

A dreamer, lover, pure and new,
Chaste and fresh as morning dew.
From daydreams, hopes and Nature’s arms,
She made no match for boyish charms.

Her keeper, teacher, eyes and ears,
Held her tight and quelled her fears,
Moulded, shaped and clipped her wings
Weaved his magic, pulled her strings.

Bewitched by love, a blinded fool,
No one cared at home or school
To warn a girl so mute and raw
To love herself if she’s to soar.

Empty girl, lost and lame
Mourns her youth, cries in shame.
Tired eyes and silver hair
On bended knees she mouths a prayer.

Alone and in the dark of night
There shone a magic beam of light,
Her keeper, teacher from above
Then showed her what was perfect love.

And through the glow her path was clear
She had to throw away her fear
Discard her grief and all her blame
Love herself, relight her flame.

Own her past, forgive the boy
Smile again, see the joy
Learn the lessons, heal the pain
And watch the girl bloom again.

By Gaye Drady

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