Thursday, 14 March 2013

Searching within ~ discovering self

I haven't deliberately sought out people travelling their own path of continual personal development - I've been drawn to them, or vise versa. The Country Women's Association (CWA) has provided me an ideal meeting ground for like souls. Women not content to let their own insecurities and perceived limitations beat them, make inspiring and stimulating company.

Universal forces bring us what we need, only when we are ready. I've been slow to realise that an unexamined life doesn't go anywhere, but over the past decade I've developed the ability to step back and observe myself in detail as my life unfolds. Now in my fifties, it's better late than never. The search for meaning cannot be forced, and sadly, some people will live their entire life without realising that self-discovery and change is possible.

Self-discovery is exciting; scary at times, but so exciting. Whole new worlds of opportunity become available when a person learns who they are, where they've been and why their journey has taken the routes it has.

Issues must be faced before there can be growth. Wounds need to be recognised and healed. Genuine forgiveness must take place. Through this complex, time-consuming personal journey you become an explorer; a pioneer, going places where no one has gone before. Change is inevitable. Gradually, or perhaps suddenly, a light is shone on your path and a deeper understanding of self suddenly emerges. There is clarity.

Self-analysis and discovery is not without internal clashes. It is not an easy road, but for those brave enough to embark on this momentous journey, the outcome is one of tremendous value. Life takes on more meaning; inner peace is finally possible.

Self-analysis is ongoing, a lifetime commitment, but once commenced, is impossible to abandon, so great are the rewards.

Meet yourself, begin healing invisible and hidden wounds, learn to love yourself, and you will radiate positive energy, automatically spreading love and cheer wherever you go.

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