Friday, 1 February 2013

Sitting at the feet of giants

I am but a speck, insignificant and of a foolish race, sitting at the feet of giants.

My bright red shirt should be an intrusion on this splendid canvas of green and brown, but it blends perfectly with the rosy plumage of parrots.

Silent and still, I become a part of the forest; a rock. No - a tussock of tall grasses gently swaying with the breeze. I breathe in deep, savouring the pleasant earthy fragrance.

Beautiful creatures, consumed with the busy task of surviving, venture near. The love in my heart creates waves of healing energy that emanate invisibly through the forest, bouncing off Nature's treasures, returning to me.

I am filled with joy.
On my walk through the Porongorups, I sat here at the feet of giants

Stately Karris - the Porongorups, SW Western Australia

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