Friday, 15 June 2012

Fight unkindness with kindness

Of course, 'fight' is the wrong word really; dealing with unkindness isn't a fight, but a challenge, and dealing with life's challenges effectively will improve life for us and those immediately around us, as well as sending positive energy far and wide to unknown people and places.

I'm not talking about criminals; we must allow our justice system to deal with unkindness on a massive scale. What I'm talking about here are the little acts of unkindness that we encounter day by day in the normal course of our lives from family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, associates, strangers.

And I'm also not talking about putting everyone else first before oneself, for we must be kind to ourselves first. If we are not kind to ourselves, we will not have the capacity to be kind to others.

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Kindness is not superficial etiquette or false pleasantries, and kindness should never be used as a way of manipulating or controlling. Genuine kindness comes with no strings attached. Genuine kindness comes naturally and from the heart, without having to first think about being kind.

[quote]...Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle...[quote]

Insightful words. Sadness, emptiness, low self confidence and self esteem, physical or emotional pain, insurmountable problems, insecurity, and more, can prompt people to be unkind to people they see regularly or strangers they pass. But if we can see the good in others and in the world, hold an optimistic attitude and act with kindness, we may never know how much hope and happiness we inject into the lives of others.

Kindness lingers. Other people's kindness can make your day, can make you feel special and give you a warm glow. If you carry around that warm glow, people will react to you differently. So we too can give this warm glow to others with the gift of kindness. Acts of kindness do not have to involve big things; cheerfulness and a sense of humour can be the simplest and most powerful acts of kindness. Listening, genuinely listening, can be a great act of kindness.

Do not just be kind to those we think deserve kindness. Kindness is the key to connecting with the real person inside. What you do to harm another, harms oneself. Reach out to other people. We are brought into contact with unkind people for a reason. There is a teacher in all of us.

[quote]....Learn silence from the talkative,
tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind.
Be grateful to those teachers....[quote]

I believe that every act of kindness helps to heal the world one small step at a time.

There will be flowers on every journey you take

To everyone who passes this way, have a beautiful day.


Swimanog said...

Very nice. I was looking for north coast NSW details, countryside, wildlife, flowers, birds etc (thinking lately about Karma) and by luck came across your site. :)

Gaye said...

Hello Swimanog,

thank you for your comment.

Kind regards,